My Wings™ Srl is the new helicopter solution with home base at the Verona Boscomantico Airfield (LIPN).

The main activity of our company is the creation of new helicopter pilots for the italian and the international market.

Our goal is to offer high safety standards and high professionalism in an aviation world  that is becoming very delicate and selective.


Our strategic position allows us to offer Sightseeing flights at affordable prices to the beautiful city of Verona, to the Garda Lake and the majestic Alps.

Other destinations are available at customer request.


We’ll help you make your dreams take off

“When once You have tasted flight, You will forever walk the earth
with Your eyes turned skyward, for there You have been,
and there You will always long to return”
- Leonardo Da Vinci -

My Wings™ S.r.l. Sede Legale: Via Colli 42 int. F, 37026 Pescantina, VERONA

Sede Operativa: Aeroporto Boscomantico, 37139 VERONA

Tel. +39 045 485-8337 Fax. +39 045 485 8331

Mob. +39 347 712 2203 Mob. +39 348 359 4386

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COD.FISC./PART.IVA:  037 0001 0238 CCIAA VR NREA: 358137 Cap. Soc. €10.000 i.v.